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19.0 inch X 7.5 inch X 3.0 inch - Krishna14 inch X 7 inch X 4.0 inch - Radha
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Lovely Ethnic Dolls for your Little Ones

What comes to your mind when you’re the word Doll? Undoubtedly. It must be Barbie. Everyone has an image of Barbie inside their head. Have you ever imagined her as an Indian Woman wearing Sari, bangles and Bindi with long black locks? Well, here is the chance for you to buy an amazing Barbie with this description and much more.

At Exotic India, we have a lovely collection of stunning hand-crafted dolls that are inspired by India’s diverse culture. Apart from Barbie, we have replications of Radha and Krishna.

Gift your little ones these charming dolls to bring about a beautiful smile on their faces.

Each doll says something unique, which means that each customer, from wherever they are, can find a doll that speaks to them the most.