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Sanskrit — the Language of the Gods

In ancient India, one language arose before all others. With it, the Rishis first wrote down the beautiful poetry and profound knowledge of the Vedas, capturing the wisdom created along with the universe. The language they used was Sanskrit. People have been speaking and writing in Sanskrit for 3,500 years at least, and it is the chief liturgical language of Hinduism. It survives today, providing a powerful connection to the past and the best way for seekers to understand the full scope of India’s wisdom traditions.

The myth of its origins is an important way to understand just how important Sanskrit is, and why it has such a special place in the hearts of billions around the world. Lord Shiva, while in his dance and playing his damaru drum, created the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Each letter emerged with a beat of the drum, arriving fully formed into this world. This is in part why Sanskrit is also known as devavani, or language of the gods.

There is another reason why many Hindus believe Sanskrit to be not from human creation: the language is deeply systematic and survives in an impeccably unchanged form compared to our earliest known written records of it. The grammarian Pāṇini wrote down the rules and ways of this magnificent language about 2,500 years ago, and the sutras he composed remain relevant and accurate to this day.

For these reasons, not to mention the inherent beauty and poetry available through the language, people on every continent continue to study Sanskrit today. Many devout Hindus wish to read the Vedas and the wisdom of the mantra seers in the language they were composed in, not in translation.

That is why Exotic India makes available this impressive collection of books in Sanskrit. Here, you can begin to build your library of texts in the language of the gods.


Q1. What is the secret book of Hindus?

The most important and well-known book in Sanatan Dharma is the Bhagwat Geeta. It is also known as “Gitopanishad'' as it is considered the essence of all Vedic knowledge. The speaker of the Bhagavad Gita is Lord Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself and therefore, it has been highly recommended by great acharyas such as Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Nimbarka Swami, Madhvacharya, and many others. Every word of the Gita has the potency to transform anyone’s heart who reads and understands it in a submissive and inquisitive attitude.

Q2. Who are the 3 most important Hindu Gods?

The three most important deities in Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma are Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma (known as the “Trinity” or “Trimurti”). According to the Vedic injunctions, these three deities are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and annihilation of the entire material universe. Lord Brahma, the first created living entity within the universe, is the presiding deity of the mode of passion (Rajo or Rajas Guna) and therefore creates the material world. Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Lord, is the ruler of the mode of goodness (Sattva Guna) and maintains and controls the universe. Lord Shiva rules over the mode of ignorance (Tamo Guna) and destroys the universe when the cycle of four Yugas come to end.

Q3. What is the oldest book?

Rig Veda is considered to be the oldest book which is one of the four sacred Vedic Scriptures known as the Vedas. The meaning of the word “Veda” is “complete knowledge, both material and spiritual”. The Rig Veda is a collection of 10 books known as Mandalas that constitute 1028 hymns in the Sanskrit language. These hymns discuss the Vedic rituals, rites, and cosmology, and also praise the deities.

Q4. What is the most important Hindu book?

Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma is full of spiritual knowledge that comes to us through divine Scriptures. These scriptures provide us with the knowledge and science of God. Out of all the Vedic literature, Srimad Bhagavad Gita is considered the most important book. It is a part of the Mahabharata that presents the divine conversation between the Supreme Lord Krishna and His friend and devotee Arjun. The Bhagavad Gita is known as the manual of life and the essence of all Vedic knowledge. Whoever tries to understand it and follows the instructions of Lord Krishna is immediately elevated to the spiritual platform.